WATER PARK makeup to go!

Woohooooooo ~ I’m back guys!!! After away from the blog for a long time! Now, I’m back with this “water park makeup to go”. In this blog I will show you what I should to do a makeup on the day I went to the water park. So, let gets in to the details. 🤗💕

After applied all the skin care and everything. I will apply a sunscreen on my face!! This step you shouldn’t missed to do it because the weather in Thailand is very very hot!🌞 It’s can definitely burn your screen. The product I should is Anessa from Shiseido. The sunscreen is watery and very easy to applied. If you have combination to oily skin you should try this one out. You will definitely love it!

My second step is to applied lip balm to nourish my lip. My lips always dry out during the day and I really hate that feeling! So lip balm is very important to me!

Next step is to applied a concealer to cover a dark spots on my face. A spot scar from acne! T_____T. If you don’t have any scars or your spot did not really dark you can skip this step.

After applied concealer, I will use foundation powder to apply over the concealer that I already applied before. This will make the concealer stay longer during the day! Also the foundation powder I chose is called Babalah, it’s a Thai brand. This Balalah foundation powder is claim to be waterproof powder. Really love this one!

Now, the eyebrow part… I choose Archita Perfect Brow to applied on my eyebrow. This product is also claim to be waterproof. (This one is also a Thai brand. It’s a brand of one beauty blogger in Thailand.)

For a mascara, I chose Majolica Majorca because it is waterproof. Also it make my eyelash stay on point all day! Love this one very much! You should go and try it out!

The last two steps to make your face a bit of color. I chose lip tint from Etude House to applied on my cheek as a blush and also applied on my lips as a lipstick. The reason is that tint can stay on your face longer than others cream or powder product.

And yeah! Here is the picture of the overall look. I hope you like and enjoy this blog!

Please stay tuned on the coming up blogs! xx




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